What is it?

Direct selling presents innumerous benefits, not only to the direct selling agents but also to the consumers. It is a flexible business opportunity for any person, regardless of age, gender or qualifications and usually provides personalized sales, in a more calm and familiar environment.

This supply chain is one of the few that still resists to the current economic recession. The majority of direct selling companies offer products that will always be sought-after by consumers, particularly by the innovation they offer.

This selling system creates new markets for consumer products and/or services and it’s a useful complement for other supply chains. Many products sold in a great number were initially sold through direct selling, with demonstrations in the clients’ homes, but nowadays these are also available in other distribution channels.

In terms of employment creation, direct selling is the greatest European generator of independent business opportunities. These opportunities are even more attractive during a period of recession, as a way to increase a family’s income, or simply as an alternative to unemployment.

With a minimum of investment and a maximum of flexibility, direct selling allows millions of men and women to create their own micro-companies, which can later on become a full-time job and a substantial source of income.

Direct selling is the sale of consumer goods and/or services through explanations and demonstrations by the direct selling agents, directly to the consumer, in person and outside permanent commercial spaces. This method has proven to be the ideal way to start a business with very low costs.

Direct selling is based, mostly, in the entrepreneur spirit of direct selling agents, who share their enthusiasm and knowledge with the clients, in order to promote their products and provide a customized service, always respecting the consumer.

This self-employment option still enables a perfect compatibility between the family environment, the possibility to develop other economic activities, and allowing more time for leisure activities as well.

The development of self-esteem, social interaction skills, and of individual social responsibility are also extremely significant advantages, mainly among women who represent 84% of the professionals in this area. Women find in direct selling an excellent form of self-realization and a unique opportunity to develop a professional activity in their own rhythm, which allows them to keep a good balance between work and family.

Some interesting facts:

  • • 25% of direct selling agents were unemployed before starting the activity;
  • • 35% of sales take place during customized demonstrations in a family environment;
  • • 45% of direct selling professionals have university education;
  • • 70% of direct selling agents are less than 50 years old;
  • • 84% of professionals are women and represent 4,5% of the European female population working part-time;
  • • 90% of professionals admit more independence and quality of life;
  • • There are currently more than 12 000 000 direct selling agents active in Europe;
  • • The business volume is of 20 billion euros, out of which over 16 billion are achieved solely by members of direct selling associations.
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