Mission and Goals

The IPVD’s mission is to strive for transparency in commercial transactions carried out between Direct Selling Agents and Consumers on three defining foundations which ensure healthy economic and social development – professional training of the agents, their work code of ethics and the Code Administrator.

The Code Administrator, represented by Dr. Luís Nandin de Carvalho, essentially aims to improve the experience of the consumers contributing to their satisfaction and for a greater proximity to the direct selling company. This service allows for an answer to all the questions and complaints of the consumers.

The products sold in Portugal in direct selling supply are several: accessories and household items, well-being and nutrition products, but essentially cosmetic and personal care products.

The marketing of these products comes directly between the consumer and the direct sales agent, that is, the person who is representing the direct selling company. The sales typically take place at home, in the workplace or in any other place with a more familiar environment, away from traditional selling points such as shops, kiosks, stands, etc.

This methodology avoids additional and extremely high costs related with the purchase and rental of the selling points, but essentially allows a more personalized assistance and explanation of the product features, that is, a direct contact with the consumers.

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